Brussels, Belgium:  Grant for FETOPEN (excellence pillar) EU project (H2020) INTERLACE is confirmed (Mar 8, 2017)

Leipzig, Germany: Openlaws wins "European Linked Open Data Award" 2016 (Sep 13, 2016)

Puch / Salzburg, Austria: – Code Camp announced for Mar 20th and 21st, 2015 (Feb 11, 2015)

Brussels, Belgium: Grant for EU project is confirmed (Feb 10, 2014)

Budapest, Hungary: Re-appointed Editorial Board Member for the "Infocommunications Journal" published by the Scientific Association for Infocommunications (HTE), a Sister Society of IEEE (Feb 21, 2013)

Salzburg, Austria: S. Back, BSc, new research group member working on the Scada::GIS project funded by FFG (Sept 01, 2012)

Vienna, Austria: Funding for SCADA::GIS FFG project granted (Dec 01, 2011)

Trento, Italy: Appointed as Programm Committee Member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Summer School 2011 (May 19, 2011)

Resarcher: T. Lampoltshammer, MSc, new research group member, PhD student, working on GI-related challenges (Apr 04, 2011)

Salzburg, Austria: Non-scientific article "Salzburger Denkschmieden" appears in Echo magazine (May 03, 2010)

Vienna, Austria: FWF DK+ GIScience granted (Dec 03, 2010)

Bruxelles, Belgium: Grant Agreement for FP7-IST projekct ENDORSE signed (Aug 20, 2010)

Phitsanulok, Thailand: IEEE-Paper entitled "Model-Transformation-Based Software Generation Utilizing Natural Language Notations" presented at Int. Conf. on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (Feb 26-29, 2008)

Open House: "Tag der offenen Tuer" - FH Salzburg (Mar 16, 2007)

Cairns, Australia: IEEE-Paper entitled "Simulation of a Self-Optimising Digital Ecosystem" presented at Int. Conf. on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (Feb 21, 2007)

Watson Research: UIMA award granted to FHS based on Dott. Marcon's initiative (Jul 11, 2006)

Ostuni: Presentation on new options of SBVR (Jul 6, 2006)

OPAALS: EU-IST "Network of Excellence" OPAALS started - FHS/ITS is partner (Jun 1, 2006)

Tampere: Review of phase 2 of DBE project successful (Jan 16-19, 2006)

WSIS: Presentation of DBE EU research at UN conference in Tunis (Nov 16-18, 2005)

Roadshow: Interim progress presentation in DBE EU research project (Apr 28, 2005)

DBE: Submission of Report on Fitness Landscape facilitating the biological simile in software development (Apr 26, 2005)

Allergies: Press report on application (Apr 25, 2005)

IEEE: ITSC'05 paper submission (Feb 28, 2005)

Resarcher: G. Marcon, MSc, new DBE resarch group member (Oct 18, 2004)

Conference: Research assistants attend AI & Symbolic Computing conference (Sep 22, 2004)

Proposal: FIT-IT (Semantic Systems) proposal AdWeSe submitted (Aug 16, 2004)

Fellowship: Guest professor (third from left) working at Salzburg Univ. Appl. Sci. (Mar 8, 2004)

DBE: top notch IST project granted (Dec 19, 2003)

I2: Telematics project in cooperation with two Austrian Univ. Appl. Sci. granted (Sep 10, 2003)

Nature: Summary of my high-performance computing research (Apr 18, 2003)

Vortrag: "XML - programmer's coffee or a cashcow to come" am Do. den 28. Nov. 2002 (Nov. 22, 2002)

Gastvortrag Microsoft .NET am Do. den 25. April 2002 (Apr 24, 2002)

FIT-Tag an der FH (Feb 19, 2002)

Vortrag M. ZENGER am Mi den 28.11.2001: New Programming Languages for New Challenges? (Nov 23, 2001)

Konferenz: Telecommunications and Mobile Computing, TU Graz (Oct 12, 2001)

EU-Ausschreibung "INDUSTRIESTIPENDIEN" (Feb 23, 2000)


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